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The book “Travesty” is a universal message of awareness of the potential dangers of the medical field.  It is inspirational, and full of  positivity oh how to “KEEP ON GOING”.
Inspired by a true story,  “Travesty” chronicles the life of Margie Shepherd a 58 year old women who was abducted by her nurse from a plastic surgeon’s Private recovery room following breast surgery.  Three days later, Margie awakens in a hotel room to discover more that $19,000 missing from her checking account an initial loss that soon balloons into nearly 3.5 million. Discover Margie’s persistent and relentless battles with lawyers, police investigators, a bank, and the medical industry in her dogged effort to achieve justice.  When the national media finally discovers her plight, is it too late to jail the alleged perpetrator?


Beloved beautiful Friend-First, I want you to know how crushed I was reading what you had gone through – but the Divine works in mysterious ways – and if you hadn’t walk that thorny path, you wouldn’t be able to share it.

I salute you and bow to you – You have turned swampy mud into the purest gem.  Only great artists and old souls achieve that – After finishing your book, I suspect you are both.  “Travesty” should be given to anyone who intends to spend time on Planet Earth (LOL). Poignant and heartbreaking without an ounce of self pity – and with a highly redeeming quality – you are achieving something rare: you demonstrate that one can be angry without being bitter.  Unlike many – and otherwise great – ‘self help’ books – there isn’t an iota of pomposity or grandeur – it’s a friend transmitting the knowledge, Somehow – how paradoxical – your humility makes you even greater.

Well, by now, you have understand that this is a fan letter (LOL) and if there is any intended group or association (“MARGIE FOR PRESIDENT) I will gladly wash dishes, make calls or stuff envelopes with them (smile – but true) – you have a lot to say – and you say it with the quiet elegance of a master – thank you from the bottom of my heart – and thank you from all of us – what a gift to the world!

It’s an honor to sign:
Your Friend

“Travesty” is truly a testament to the strongest most resilient woman I have ever known. A weaker person could not have endured the many trials and tribulations as Margie Shepherd. She has had the fortitude to continue the battle of righting a terrible wrong perpetrated on her. Margie is and has always been an amazing woman who with her ever bubbly, energetic and dynamic personality has been able to surpass any goals and expectations with a finesse that made it appear to be a simple task when in actuality it was not.

The events of the botched cosmetic surgery that seemingly should have been a relatively common procedure with a normal recovery period, has turned into years of this woman enduring physical and emotional pain, not to mention the legal systems failure to help her get the justice she deserves. Due to Margie’s no fail attitude and keen business sense has pushed her through difficult times enabling her to rebuild her life both physically and financially by developing and starting several businesses.

Hopefully with Margie sharing her story others will find inspiration and the realization that anything can be done if you have the will and desire, as Margie says, “Go on”.

Margie’s lifelong friend


All I can say is……Margie Shepherd…..What an AMAZING Woman!!!!!!
At a time in my life when I Really needed it, Margie Shepherd through her book Travesty, inspired me to go forward and achieve great success, not for myself but for others.
At no time in her book did I ever see Margie take a position of self-pity, pomposity, or grandeur. Way to Cool for that kind of stuff!!!
Thanks & God Bless,

Deby Callihan
Lead Distributor
Zija / Trubeauty Team

It has meant  many things to know Margie Shepherd for more than 7 years—joy , sadness, grief, kindness, excitement, insight, justice, injustice, and ethics to name only a few.

There are lessons in tenacity to be learned from this charming lady Margie Shepherd. She has the ability without help in wherever life may take her.  As the saying goes, she has been to  “hell and back” several times. Through all of her trials, she could have done many things to many people.  Rocks could have been thrown, however she chose to lob tennis balls instead in order to make points.  She has and is doing so in her own way and winning in the process.

This lady has been wounded inside and out by many people including medical, financial institutions, professionals in many fields and so called friends. She has the experience and the know-how to handle each in her own way.

Unfortunately, there is nothing fictional about her life.  She is the author of her book “TRAVESTY” and indeed it is a testament to just that—a “TRAVESTY”!  She has lived through it all and is surviving very well. She has hit adversity “head on” when many people would have just walked away, but that is definitely not Margie Shepherd!

Jean Peterson, CRS

As to my credibility, I am a Realtor in Reno, Nevada since 1977 and am a Life Member in the Reno-Sparks Association of Realtors and continue in this real estate business today 35 years later. My name and bio can be found in the Directory of the Certified Residential Specialists web site in the Nevada section.

Jean Peterson, CRS
Dickson Realty

“Travesty” is a story about Margie Shepherd’s true resilient nature; after all she has been through Margie is still steadfast and strong. We cannot dwell in the past, we must learn to thrive in the face of Travesty. Life is what you make of it. I think we can all relate to the Travesty and learn from Margie’s experience. This was an emotionally moving, yet inspiring  summer read.” –Alysia Chadim

Thank you for sharing your book with me. I will be looking forward to the next book release.  I wish you well and say hi to Max for me!

Alysia Chadim

In response to reading “Travesty” by Margie Shepherd:

One day this cute petite lady walks through the door, her name was Margie Shepherd.  Right away I could see she was very energetic and super positive. After getting to know her, she gave me her book The Travesty,  to read.  I felt amazed how people can betray and take advantage of another human. After reading this book, what Margie went through is absolutely amazing. People bringing her down, she never gave up. She is eager to succeed no matter what happened to her. Point of the story: Don’t ever give up no matter what.

Natasha Nelson

Through trial and tribulation, Margie Shepherd has never given up fighting for what she believes in on a daily basis. Travesty reveals just how much tenacity one woman can have when dealing with the medical community, the legal system and life itself. I have incorporated her motto of “Keep On Going” into my own life and it is very admirable to see such a determined, dedicated and delightful woman like Margie not only talk the talk, but to walk the walk.

Cathy Stradford

“Travesty” the book about the life and loss of Margie Shepherd was a true story of valor and inspiration, I could hardly put the book down. A wonderful read and we could all learn from her life experiences……

Mary Zimmerman

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