Margie Shepherd has the high energy required to make events and ideas not just come to life, but jump out and breathe fire. As the Owner of Maximize M Productions, she offers a complex variety of services. Her personal involvement in production is predicated by  a commanding drive as an interviewer, model, radio show host, and television personality.
Folded within the production company is the heart of the operation, MaximizeM International Speakers Bureau. A new and exciting collection of speakers guaranteed to set your company firing on all cylinders. To satisfy your client’s craving for new ideas you need motivated employees. MaximizeM International Speakers Bureau is the spark that can ignite your fire of creativity.
Think you have a message and a story that would move others to follow dreams, solve tensions, or bring folks together? Arrange for a personal interview now! There’s not another moment to lose. Margie can show you what it takes to be a success on the speakers’ circuit, with expertise not only in presentation and content, but appearance as well. All aspects of your talk will be considered, from gestures to footwear, with a sharp eye for  make-up and clothing makeovers. Her production company can provide high-quality video and still shots for publicity, reference, and distribution.
Every day is a good day to shine, right? And shine you will with Margie’s Bling, Jewelry, Hats, and Clothing. Visit the MaximizeM International Store, and party your way into new radiance with a Bling Bash! That’s right, you can host parties in your homes, with your friends and family, and indulge in all the bling your heart desires. Contact Margie Shepherd for more information.
Maximize your impact on life with MaximizeM Productions
List of Services Provided:
  • Model
  • Interviewer (Television and Radio)
  • Television Personality
  • Author
  • Bling Sales
  • Jewelry Sales
  • Hat Sales
  • Clothing Sales
  • Bling Bash!
  • Red Carpet Interviews
  • International Model
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Books Speakers
  • Trains Speakers
  • Public Speaking
  • Makeup Makeovers
  • Clothing Makeovers
  • Red Carpet Interviews
  • International Speaker Model